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CheckoutDAO is a privacy-first and community owned peer-to-peer payment network for commerce payments. We help merchants regain control over their e-commerce technology, and reward them along with buyers for every order they place.

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With checkoutDAO, merchants and consumers interact directly with each other and earn equity over the technology for every transaction they contribute to the network.

Why switch to checkoutDAO?

A contribution-based model to gain ownership over the commerce network.
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Continuous development
A dedicated team that maintains the open-source commerce stack and a community of builders.
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Easy integrations
Connect any front-store directly into checkoutDAO and get back-root control over every order.
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Active users on beta checkouts


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Platform availability within zenPay SLA

More than just a checkout: Zenpay

A powerfully customizable checkout, to control your customer experience end to end.

Advanced payments engine

Integrate seamlessly with any payments processors and benefit from zenPay’s accrued functionalities and security: accept crypto, route payments, enable fraud protection and credit card vault.

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Out-of-the-box logistics

Set scheduling policies according to your business logistics and operations. Optimize deliveries with geo- zones, optimal shipping routes and smart pricing.

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Marketing as a product

Make your checkout more profitable. Add any discount logic, maximise ticket price with up-selling modules, automate refunds and build a modern customer experience with loyalty tokens.

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Easy fulfilment & order tracking

Empower your employees with transparent order pick & packing. Connect to your partners with Webhooks and API’s. Create the ultimate customer experience for your end-client automatically.

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Customize your checkout your way

Create a one-page or multi-page checkout and  fully customize your business  logic, brand and tracking page. Differentiate your customer journey with technology that you own

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Launching on October 14th, 2022

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